Software Jobs

Software jobs involve design and creating software for your employers or clients. Software development is a relatively new field – just 50 years ago, the phrase “job in software” was unheard of. But today, with everyone and their grandmother using computers and applications on computers, which includes your phone, whether iphone, android or some other phone, desktop, laptop and even parts of your car, there is a great demand for software engineers.

Types of Software Jobs

You can classify different software jobs according to the type of work they involve, and according to the domain of the job.

In the former classification, you have jobs in software development, quality assurance (QA) or testing, infrastructure jobs or IT jobs, and jobs in configuration management, also called as source control jobs. Software development is the actual design and development of software, this is what we think when we think about software. Quality assurance involves making sure that the software developed is up to the requirement and standard of quality require of it. Infrastructure or IT is the administration of the technical infrastructure of a company, this can involve both hardware and software expertise, though it usually requires expertise in relevant software.

The domain of the job means the type of software you develop or maintain – networking, database, mobile or phone applications, web development and web design, hardware, animation, 3D or graphics design. Other jobs include technical writing and customer service in IT. Other technologies that make for difference in jobs are Unix/Linux, knowledge of Java or.NET, languages such as Python, Perl and C/C++.

Searching For Software Jobs

A number of online resources help you search for jobs in software engineering. Sites like have listings of latest positions. Craigslist too has a section where jobs in software are posted by different companies. The advantage of Craigslist is that the jobs are posted locally – so if you want a information technology job in San Francisco Bay Area, for example, you can check the Craigslist page for that location. Networking with former classmates, friends, co-workers and clients is also a good way of landing a job interview.

Salary for Software Jobs

Companies like IBM, Apple and other giants pay top dollar for good developers – the average salary at these companies tops $100,000. Even in smaller companies, as long as you are good at what you do, you will earn more than your average college graduate.

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Social Media Glossary

The aim of this piece is to outline some of key terms you may encounter when using the internet to interact with social media. Most social media sites will require you to sign up for an account via an email address and add some basic information about yourself such as a username, photo and some brief personal details. These details will then form the basis of a profile that is normally visible to other members of the same social network.

Social networks come in all shapes and sizes from those with a broad reach such as Facebook to those for niche social interests, old collages, schools, places or work and most places in-between. If you have a hobby or interest there is bound to be an online community that will be fully of people with the same interests.


Avatars are the image attached to your account. This can be a simple photo, a cartoon image or can often be selected from a range within the website and customised to reflect your own personality.


A blog is a website that allows the author or authors to add content in the form of “posts”. A blog is a self-publishing format. Blog posts can contain mixed media in terms of photos, video, music and other images. There are a number of free blogging services including Blogger and WordPress that allow you to create blog style websites for free.
The term Blogsphere is used to describe the network of blogs across the internet. It also covers the the feedback loop that is a major part of blogging. Bloggers interact with each other’s blogs sharing links, content and comments. Once you publish your first blog you are part of the growing blogsphere. In January 2010 there was roughly 133 Million blogs indexed in Google.


Online bookmarking or social bookmarking sites allow you to save webpages, photos, videos or other content via a browser or toolbar. All these bookmarks are stored within your account and are therefore accessible via any device that has an internet connection. The more advanced sites allow you to tag your bookmarks for quick reference. Social bookmarking sites include Delicious and Mister Wong.


Most blogs allow readers to post comments on blog posts. These comments then form an on-going conversion between the author of the post and those who have placed comments. One of the advantages of blogging is that it connects the author and reader in a quick and timely fashion.


The term crowdsourcing refers to using a large number of people to help make creative decision or to provide information on products or services. It is the process of using web 2.0 technologies to allow people to interact with data or ideas. It is using the web to harness the wisdom of crowds.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging (IM) is a term used to describe a piece of software of a browser based application that allows users within the same network to chat with each other. The tools are usual text based and allow you to hold conversions with other members who’s contact details you know and how are online at the same time as you. Skype, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger are all examples of IM services.

Social Media

Social media is the overall term for a collection of different tools, browsers, software, websites and wiki’s that allow for enhanced social interaction online. Websites that contain an element of user interaction in the form or a forum, a social network, a blog or a wiki can all be viewed as social media sites.

Social Networking

Social networking websites are those that provide tools for their users to create networks with like-minded users and share content and information. These sharing tools can include the ability to share links, photos, podcast, video and other forms of media. Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website. Social Networking sites exist for most types of interests from the Business World to online gaming.


The term Wiki refers to website or set of webpages that are focussed on providing information on a set or set of topic and that can be edited by the websites users. The best known example of a Wiki is Wikipedia. Wiki are a really useful way for different authors to draw their knowledge and experience together. The collaborative nature of Wiki’s means that you gain the wisdom of the different contributors and they often provide rounded and in depth information on the topic.

The terms highlighted are only just touching the service of the language used to describe social media. Each of the terms I have highlighted will have a set of technical and slang attached to them. Social media is a constant state of flux and this also results in new phrase developing all the time. To stay on top of the language of social media you need to be actively engaged and taking part.

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Mobile Application Development – The Latest Buzz in the IT World

As the uses of Smart phones increase each day, there is a growing need for Mobile application development to keep up the innovative trend. Smart phones have definitely made our lives simpler with the use of innumerable innovative and unique apps used for web browsing, email, Internet faxing, games, wireless information services etc. Being an emerging and lucrative field, Mobile application development has gained a lot of importance nowadays as more and more IT companies are plunging into Mobile app development considering the ever increasing demand. The various platforms available are iPhone app development, Android app development, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows mobile development.

It’s the invention of iPhone and its ability to support third party application, which is responsible for creating such a huge market of opportunities for mobile app development. With the latest up-gradation to iPhone 4 and windows mobile 7, the capabilities of smart phones have reached to the next level. Now users can expect Mobile applications to perform more complex functions faster than ever before.

IT companies are working closely with their customers to identify areas which will give them an opportunity to develop exciting new mobile apps which can provide new capabilities and efficiencies to them. Some of the most popular mobile software solutions include mobile game development, mobile web development and mobile application development in Java and in.Net. In the mobile world, mobile gaming is hugely popular irrespective of the age of the mobile user. Majority of the downloads are observed in this category, Social networking being the next on the popularity list. The demand for various such apps is further expected to grow each year as more and more people are opting for smart phones as they get cheaper. Even the Business app downloads have risen tremendously generating more revenue for app stores.

This whole new trend has created many opportunities in outsourcing services like mobile app development, which has seen a major upswing in the last couple of years. There is a big rush in launching more innovative as well as robust mobile applications, thereby giving user a wide variety to choose from for his convenience. The market for Mobile app developers, as a consequence, has also become very hot.

Each of the 5 major platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile has its own programming language and development environment. For Mobile app developers and User Interface designers, specialization is the thumb rule if they want to sustain and become successful in this new trend. They have to keep on upgrading their skills in order to keep pace with the latest technological development. Even the websites are becoming mobile friendly, people are keen to have their websites compatible to smart phones to get exposure in a whole new arena.

To get the best mobile app developed for your business, find a mobile application development company which has skilled mobile computing resources who would cater to your demand more efficiently. Look for reliable companies like to create exciting new apps which are also backed up with full service support.

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What Is the Best Soccer Video Game?

Soccer video games are highly popular all around the world and many people wonder what the best soccer video game actually is. That is why I decided to gather some of the best soccer video games, each one in its one genre.

Management Games

Top Eleven 2015 – There is no doubt that Top Eleven 2015 is one of the greatest management games, and I dare to day it is the best soccer video game in the management genre. This game is brilliant on many levels – its graphics are beautiful and wonderfully detailed, it has intuitive and easy controls and the overall experience is just great. Top Eleven 2015 lets you play a football manager, and your mission is to bring your football team to greatness. You are responsible for every aspect of your team’s success – finances, public relations, your player’s health and fitness and much more. If you’re a soccer fan then you will probably like this game a lot.


Active Soccer – I believe Active Soccer is the best soccer video game in the genre of arcade games, mostly because it provides players with a simple, casual and fun experience of soccer playing. It has a classic gameplay, nice graphics and a multiplayer option. You can practice free kicks and penalties, compete in the world cup and enjoy some very cool features that will keep you entertained and excited through the game. Active Soccer is a wonderful arcade game and you should definitely check it out.


Button Football – It was not easy to find the best soccer video game in the casual genre, but Button Football definitely deserves this title. This game is not sophisticated in any way, but it stimulates soccer in a very fun and casual way, and it is suitable even for younger children and for people who are not that much into soccer.

Are Soccer Video Games Suitable for Everyone?

Soccer video games are mostly suitable for people who like to either play or watch soccer, but not necessarily. Some of these games require knowledge of the rules of soccer and therefore are only suitable for soccer fans, but some of these games are casual and only require a basic understanding of soccer, which can be given to the player by a simple tutorial.

Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, there are many games out there that can be suitable for you, so just download and try them out!

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