Free Gadgets – Get the New iPhone 4 For Free

Are you a gadget lover that’s a little short on cash? Do you want the new iPhone 4 yet can’t afford to buy one? Forget paying for the hottest phone on the market out of your own money because I will show you how to get one for free.

First of all let me tell you that testing programs are a multi million dollars business and, in the U.S. alone, thousands of people are getting gadgets for free each year. Software testing might sound like a difficult job that requires highly qualified personnel but I can assure you that manufacturing companies don’t want technicians that will find every possible fault in their software but regular people just like the company’s applications are made for.

You will not have to assess software programs from a programmer’s point of view but will only have to review it from the functional perspective: Is it easy to operate?, Is the menu intuitive?, Do you think it could be improved? These are the questions you will have to answer in a short for at the end of the testing period (usually no more then a week).

You will then get to keep the iPhone that was entrusted to you during testing as a reward for your work (if you can call it work) for free. This is because it’s more cost effective for the company to just let you keep the iPhone rather then give you cash and then struggle to sell hundreds of used iPhones on eBay. I say this is an opportunity that should not be missed but keep in mind that you will have to hurry and check out one such program as spots get filled quickly.

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The Importance of Digital Strategy

Every aspect of life has a strategy attached to it. Regardless of the task, when deciding to accomplish something, we come up with a plan. Sales calls are broken down in the car on the way to the meeting, videos are storyboarded, websites are mapped, movie scripts have a treatment, novels an outline. Most people practice pickup lines in the mirror before trying to get a date. Knowing this, why do so many companies operate digital marketing campaigns without a strategy?

A digital strategy is a blueprint for an organization’s digital real estate. Anywhere a company is represented in the digital space, whether its in video, graphic design, web design, or any other form, even just your logo appearing on a webpage, it must be part of an overall plan. Because of the fast paced nature of digital media, many companies simply execute random aspects of a digital strategy without an objective in mind. This is akin to performing surgery without a diagnosis.

Of course, so much of this digital realm is brand new, and it is completely understandable that many companies have lagged behind. The explosive growth of social media, mobile technology, and the internet itself has resulted in a constantly changing landscape. Marketing strategies have gone from print advertising, television and radio spots, and other forms of static media to text based fundraising campaigns, dedicated YouTube channels, Facebook and Twitter strategies, mobile app development and hundreds of other digital marketing opportunities.

Companies have added these new marketing techniques piecemeal, as their popularity has grown. It started with a web presence, expanded into social media accounts, including an explosion of video marketing on YouTube and Vimeo style sites, and progressed on to mobile apps so people can carry your marketing around in their pockets. By starting with the how, and not focusing on the why, an enormous amount of capital and energy is expended on utilizing tools with no end game in site.

All digital marketing must begin and end with a goal. What is the purpose of these tactics? What do I want my website, social media accounts, and online advertising to do for me? Am I educating consumers? Driving sales? Raising awareness? Publicizing a portfolio of work? No matter what the goal is, the strategy must be built around it.

Once we have a purpose, the digital strategy can begin to take shape. Instead of having a website and then adding a Facebook page two years later and a new marketing video five years later, take a look at the full spectrum of your digital presence. Ensure that your website is optimized to integrate social media and video. Use social media, blogs, video pages, and other sites to create strong back linking and link sharing relationships, to drive your site’s visibility and SEO. If you’re looking for qualified sales leads, drive traffic to your site and have a clear call to action on the front page, encouraging potential customers to become actual customers. The tactics are limitless, the methods incredibly varied, but none of them will work without solid architecture to build on.

The ever changing world of digital media is at once a scary and beautiful place. There are so many opportunities and different ways to engage and interact with people, it can seem overwhelming. However with the proper strategy in place, harnessing these tools and using them to our advantage is not only easy, but an incredibly effective way to drive businesses and organizations forward.

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Without Regular Computer Help, No One Will Be Able to Function

With proper computer maintenance, computer repair requirements can be reduced to a large extent. Even then a machine may require various types of help like machine upgrading, data recovery, and other problems relating to the monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

A very common problem for which users may need computer help is upgrading the machine. Though basic computer technology may remain the same, its hard disk capacity and memory options are changing so fast that within a couple of years of buying a certain model of a computer, users will start feeling that their machine is a prehistoric relic.

Sooner or later a new computer will have to be bought. Still, with the right sort of computer help the old machine can be upgraded to work well for a few more years. Software manufacturers are also steadily putting in the market newer versions of all programs, and to accommodate this also computer owners will need new machines. Some programs may need a screen of better resolution to be effectively used while another program may require more hard disk space to be accommodated. Computer repair centers will be able to help users with all these modifications.

Data recovery is another service for which computer owners will regularly need computer help. Every bit of data is today stored in a computer so that a computer crash will result in an entire business network grinding to a halt. Computer repair providers will be able to retrieve much of the data at short notice. They do it by connecting the hard disk to another machine or by using data recovery software.

A computer may slow down or stop working all of a sudden. Sometimes the cause may be trivial like a non-responsive keyboard, or a mouse that is dragging in the wrong direction. Still, if instant computer help is not available, it may take too much time to diagnose the cause itself. When there are handy computer repair services available, the problem will be solved in no time.

Even when the problem is simple and have been diagnosed by the office staff or the computer owner themselves, the question of spare parts might often raise its head. Spare parts will be available in shops but not always at very short notice. When there is a computer help provider whose services you have been regularly availing, they will be able to provide spare parts.

Besides all these, good computer repair services will even be able to provide their clients with temporary computers to ensure that their work remains uninterrupted. When a machine needs upgrades or complete reformatting, sometimes it could take a couple of days or more. During the interim period if a substitute computer is made available to the user, it will be a great help to them from the point of view of business requirements as well as communication requirements. The right type of computer help should include this.

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Onsite Servers Vs Cloud Servers

Having your own server is beneficial as it provides Central Data Storage and Backup Storage. You can purchase your own server which will serve as your local server. However, the latest trend is cloud computing which offers more capabilities.Cloud servers are basically virtual servers or virtual machines running Windows or Linux Operating system. These are materialized via a web interface or API.Cloud servers can be used as same as physical servers are used but their functionality can be different. While choosing cloud hosting, clients rent the virtual space server instead of renting or purchasing physical servers.First we will talk about the advantages of having your own server, demonstrated below:

  • Access on the data is fastest.
  • You can run any application.
  • In case of failure, you can access your local machine.
  • There is no need for Internet connection to access the data.
  • Local security is controlled by you, which means you can safely store the sensitive data.

Disadvantages of local server can be described as follow:

  • Initial Setup is difficult.
  • Maintenance costs can be high.
  • You can access your data from a particular place.

Usually, there are two main choices for hosting that is ‘Shared hosting’ and ‘Dedicated hosting’. Shared Hosting is cheaper in which servers are shared between hosting provider’s clients. Clients will be hosting their websites on the same server. But one of the few problems that arise here is that the Setup is inflexible and it cannot handle a mass traffic. On the other hand, Dedicated Hosting is much more advanced in which clients purchase whole physical servers. This means the whole server is dedicated to a client and no one else sharing or accessing it. But the demerit is that required storage needs to be predicted to handle the expected traffic level with enough processing power. Underestimation can lead to difficulties to handle the traffic and Overestimation will result in paying for wasted storage.

Cloud hosting is the best option keeping the above case in mind. Following are the important Pros of cloud servers.

  • We can increase and decrease the resources according to our requirement which makes it more flexible
  • Whenever there is more demand on the servers, capacity can be automatically increased and vice-versa.
  • Clients only pay for the capacity being used at a particular time.
  • There is no need of much initial setup.
  • If one server fails, others will take its place.
  • Cloud Servers can be run on a hypervisor which controls the storage of Operating Systems.
  • There are multiple cloud servers in a cloud hosting which are available to its specific client which allows the resource to be dedicated to a specific client whenever required.
  • If any problem occurs in the server, its resource will be shifted to other available server so that clients are unaffected.
  • You can access your data from anywhere.

Nevertheless, Cloud servers have cons too.

  • It’s not easy to change cloud service providers.
  • You cannot use any application that you need to use.
  • Accessing the data depends on the internet connection of own.
  • Cloud provider’s data center stores the data.So Small business should go for cloud for their use as they have flexible yet simple requirements and it’s cost effective too. However, large corporations having complex requirements or sensitive data storage, Local server is the best choice.

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